Monday, August 1, 2016

Investigators and Baptisms

December 28, 2014

Eason did not get baptized he said he was not ready so sad but we have had a huge miracle  happen yesterday on sundays we only go finding for about an hour and we have set a goal to find 6 new investigators this week and so far we have only found 1 but something amazing happened we went finding with a recent convert (Win) he is from thailand and we found 4 new investigators in 1 hour that is impossible but it happened we are really excited and so grateful for the blessing. This week has just been a great week alot of blessings and miracles. By the way i have seen my first spider and it is sketchy ill send a picture it was on the gate in the chapel of another ward. Our chapel does not have a baptismal font so we have to travel to another ward for baptisms. Also just because alot of people are baptized the bishop has asked that we hold baptisms only 2 times a month this time 4 people were baptized but because of the great miracle on sunday elder white and i are excited and have high expectations that Vince and Ivy (two girls from the Philippines) will get baptized sometime soon.

Elder Lawrence and Jack
Elder Honemau (roommate) got secret santa
Christmas Special Preparation day 
Christmas Lunch
Baptism luncheon
Creepy Spider
Birds at the apartment

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