Sunday, August 14, 2016


April 3, 2016

I think the next few weeks will be very interesting. Straight to the point this ward is falling apart, Last sunday there was around 40 members there and each week its less. President was thinking about moving us out of the ward. We had interviews this week and he talked alot. im my weekly letter to president i asked if i could stay. Honestly i love this ward i see a huge potential. There are some really solid familys here. Not many but enough.Through out my time here revaluation came about heaps of small things that we can do to help the ward. But now they cant happen because we stay in the flat more then we go out. Elder Uasi is a great missionary and is really smart. But its really hard to get him out of the flat.Once he is out the work goes great. He told president he is struggling during interviews and president told me just to hang in there. By the was he spoke i think i will train next transfer. all i know is im gona do what i can this last two weeks and hope for a great next transfer! All is well all is well

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