Sunday, August 14, 2016


May 29, 2016

This week was pretty crazy Fera's mother in law died and her husband is an only child and she is from the Philippines. So they really had no one here to be there for them. Two days before the funeral sister Peirce called Fera to check up on her (Semi less-active) and we found all this out. So we drove up to Morie to go to the funeral. She was so happy. She later told us that before sister Peirce called she was praying for help because they had no one and they needed the support, then we called. Fera's husband is Catholic so it was a Catholic funeral. It was interesting they have a lot of temple things in there. But it was a nice service. Then yesterday Fera came to church and brought some of her friends and a less active with his non member wife called Saturday night and asked for a ride to church. It was a huge miracle. Transfer calls happened too and it really surprised us. President said that he will not keep missionaries here for more then 2 transfers and since this was Elder Stignhagen's 2nd one we thought he was going but we are both staying! This has not happened for at least 9 months so there is definitely things that we need to do here. We talked with the Pierces and we all feel that some good big changes will happen this transfer. I have a plan I think it might be a little crazy. Im gona try convince Elder Stignhagen to come to the prison here and teach the people there and to go to the other churches here (Who don't like us) and try to become their friends by serving them and with them. If this works I think that a lot of good will come our way.

Branch President's children

Branch President's children

Catholic Church

After funeral dinner


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