Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Transferring out of Sydney for Mardi Gra

March 8, 2015

We did get moved out elder white and i went to Manley the elders there were really cool and we saw alot of miracles and had alot of fun. It was also stake conference and one of the manley members looks like will smith. Something really funny that happened was that a Tongan member bought the Manley elders food for the week. It was really funny Elder white and Woofley told  Elder guvara and i about it. She said she wanted to do it and they tryed to say no but she insisted so they went to the store and she would alwase say to get stuff but they dident want her to spend alot of money but she would keep insisting whenever she would say to get something they would get the smallest one but she would say no and say get the big one also she snuck thing into the cart while Elder Woofley was pushing the cart they got home and found things they told her not to get but somehow she got it in the cart. Also Michael our investigator said he cant learn anymore he still wants to stay in contact and wants to hangout after our missions but he says he has to concentrate on school he was a good investigator but it is ok he said he wanted to continue learning when things cool down. He will probably get baptized later. When we got back the streets were littered with feathers and glitter. There is soo much everywhere.
The Rugby field

Manley Elders

Will Smith


P day

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