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January 4, 2015

This week was full of blessings. we have been feeling alittle down because we have no progressing investigators and our other investigators don't have time for lessons so they are not moving forward. all we are doing is finding because we have no one to teach. Since last sunday was fast sunday we prayed that we would find people to teach also i prayed that i would have strength because last fast sunday i was dying no food and walking around was no good but heavenly father answered our prayers this sunday because we found a new investigator her name is Nee from Thailand and she is a good investigator too because sometimes people here will "Give you face" they will agree with everything you say give you their number then when we call they don't pick up. but Nee really seems like she wants to learn. Also when we were finding i was fine i didn't even feel weak till we got back to the flat to eat. Also my companion cooked for everyone in the flat and it was so good ill send a picture. On a sad note our mission president is nearing the end of his calling i forget when he is done but on a happy note our new mission president teaches in BYU Hawaii and i think he is from Hawaii also we are all excited to meet him but sad to see president and sister Howes go.Lastly transfers are this week Saturday is when we find out who is going and who is staying one of our zone leaders Elder Stephens from New Zealand has been in the city for a year (there is 6 sets of missionarys in the city all in the same ward each set is an area but we all have the same finding area Elder White and i are Horbour City 3) he only has 2 transfers after this till he is done also but anything can happen some missionarys have even trained after their first 6 weeks so there is a possibility that i train someone fresh from the MTC that would be crazy there is still so much i need to learn but if i am called i will do. Also thank the ward for the Christmas letters i just got them yesterday and loved all of them.
Also we did yearly numbers yesterday and this zone has had 51 baptisms this year none for my companion and i yet but we are still working hard. Sadly Eason has not contacted us back or answered our texts since a month ago but we still try.

Elder White and me

Fancy feast


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