Sunday, August 14, 2016

Heavenly Father is Mindful of Our Needs

February 14, 2016

This was a great week and a first step in the plan. Everyone in the district did so well we were all able to find alot of new investigators. now the next step is to help them get fellowship and come to church. We found 7 new and it was just a huge blessing. First because the assistants are in the district we were able to go on tradeoffs with them. That was awesome. Elder jordan and i found 4 in that one day. Then the next day Elder Loni and i felt really prompted to knock this one street. It was not very big only about 20 houses but when we knocked we found 3 more in 1 hour. It was so crazy. We have been so blessed. The zone leaders that live in our flat promised us in the beginning of the week that if we found 3 new in the week one of our investigators will come to church and if we find 5 one will be baptised next month. His promise was made sure because one of the eternal investigators alexander who has been learning for months came to church for the first time! Ever since that promise was made i have been praying like crazy that these things would happen and they are! So i know that someone will be baptised next month. We also had a zeezrom experiance. I was with one of the zoneleaders because we had 2 lessons at the same time. Charlie when we met him was a little anti he told us "If you answer 2 questions then i will convert" He asked why did god create some rich some poor and the next question why some ugly and some beautyfull. we were able to set a time where we can have a lesson with him. Before we had his lesson i was thinking i dont want to answer his questions because 1. it doesent matter 2.If we do and he gets baptised he will be converted for the wrong reasons and will not be deeply rooted. But when we had his lesson he only wanted to talk about that and would not listen to anything elce. So we gave him answers multiple ways and he told us he does not believe. Then a story came to my mind about a missionary who met with the same problem and he just said "i dont know" them bore testimony. So i told him :look i dont know why" Then he went off that the church was wrong and he was right. Then I bore testimony that if he prays he can receive an answer. I wish everyone could have seen his face. He changed right before us from pride in knowing more then 19 year olds to humility. He asked us so sincerely "Really? i can talk with god?" The spirit just filled the room. We taught him how to pray and I know he will be baptised soon. It was an awesome experience. Another miracle we had was with an old tongan family. The night before i had no sleep. We accidently left the screan door open so mosquitos came in and kept me up all night. I was so tired. We had finding all that day and it was around 37C. It was a hard day but we visited a member who was not home but his parents were. They were visiting from Tonga. The father looked at me and told Elder loni to tell me to take a nap on the couch. When i woke up they told us to come and eat. They did not speak english but Elder loni translated for me and told me what the father said. He told us how before we came they were going to leave and have dinner out with a relative. But then he felt prompted that they should stay home and cook enough food for 4 people. So they did then once they finished we knocked on the door. He was so spiritually in tune. When he told us that i almost started to tear up. I felt so greatfull how mindfull heavenly father is of us. He knows that it was a hard day and that we still went out and did what we could. He gave us rest. The father then told us and taught us some other things about the spirit things that have helped so much. It was a amazing week.

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