Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pinching Pennies

February 15, 2015

Life has been great we have been teaching alot i did get my blessing and that is awesome dad got the job brandon all you need is to work out for 30 min everyday except sunday and you will be fine thats what i do and i have a 4 pack working on the 6 it is just as important to work out your spiritual mind have you been reading scriptures and praying every day? if you do you will grow in all ways all the problems of the world can be fixed through the gospel i have seen it work on our investigators and it can work on you it is so important that you do this every day.also i ate kangaroo for the first time yesterday it was really good better then beef. also every week can everyone in the family every week send me 1 spiritual experiance it is not hard as you look for the blessings in your life you will see gods hand in everything you do. i am not looking forward to finishing my mission time is too short there is still alot i need to do 2 years is just not enough time. Sometimes i dont even feel like a missionary just having fun sharing the gospel a mission is so much fun im not saying that it is easy it is so disappointing when people dont keep commitments or dont show up to lessons it is also very tireing and stressfull but nothing that i cannot overcome. actually something that was funny but a bit stressfull is that we had no money usually we get 150 every 2 weeks and 80 every 3 weeks just because the city is so expencive elder white and i buy food together so we usually spend 120(60 each) each week just for food and the 80 never came in last week to we had a total of 35 to spend for the week. we ate alot of rice and curry becuse curry is pritty cheep and it is alot of food. everyone in the zone was in that position too we were all broke but we were all fine and it is really funny when we look back on it luckaly elder white and i had a small food storage so we just ate out of that. I am having so much fun and learning so much from the gospel and other things all the elders here are awesome and elder Hsu is giving me a chineese name its something of great honor only a full chinese person can give you one and you have to be close friends elder Arnold( our chinese speaking elder) got one awhile back and it translates to The Great Dragon sometimes when he is finding on the street and he tells chinese people his chinese name they tear up because it is really beautiful.
Recent convert, Steve, from Vietnam

Street art

Korean street fair

After baptism dinner

Cool Elder Hsu

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