Saturday, August 13, 2016

Teaching by the Spirit

November 1, 2015

This week has been really crazy.... again. Our investigators Josh and Jake(Brothers) almost got into a fight right in front of us. Josh was standing up for the book of mormon. He told jake that it was the word of god. Jake does not agree. he thinks that only the bible is the word. So they called us over to answer jake's questions. By the way both of them are really chained down because of number of drugs, so we went over and jake started to ask and josh started to answer them for us and jake got mad and said he dident want his answers he wanted ours. Then they started to argue. It started to get really bad. But luckily while this was happening they both would stop every few min to tell us sorry and its not our fault and that they should not be arguing with each other in front of us. We then stepped in and talked with both of them and at the end they were both in tears and apologizing to each other. The things we said was just the spirit. i could really feel heavenly fathers power when i spoke and when Elder Brown spoke, In the end it was all good. Then Jake told us that he is so glad we were there and he told us about how he went to jail because he killed his friend because of a argument. dont worry mom he loves us. He has told us this every time we go. Also hevenly father is all powerful if he can protect nephi from Laban he can protect me. Yes i am careful too. Also i found a american candy store but it is really expensive $11 for 6 pop tarts. But to the more important things im really excited to train elder gamboa! Last Sunday(Lucky it was fast sunday) I really wanted revelation for the area. The work has been picking up but i still feel like there are more and different things we could be doing to be more effective. So in sacrament meeting i was thinking about the area while i listened to the talks and then like a wave heaps of ideas and improvements just hit me. At the end of it all the words "A great and marvellous work will be unfolded this transfer" came to my mind very clearly. I cant explain all the revelation that i received but i know it will be a great new transfer. Also i forgot to wright this last email but in the temple last week i dident know what question to go in with so i prayed and asked and the answer i got was Who were you before the earth. So i went in with that. I highly recommend it. If your not dead tired at night and if your not having fun on your mission you are doing something wrong! Im excited this will be the best transfer for now.

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