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April 25, 2016

So first week in Narrabri here is some facts about the area. The area is about 6 hours from north to south and 6 hours from west to east. It is about 1/3 of the entire mission. In the area we have heaps of little towns the closet are an hour away. We live in the back yard of a senior couple in a little shed. The shed is about 2 big steps big. The branch has about 20 active members. they are about 3 families. I give them props because some travel hours to get to church. There is no chapel so we all meet in a funeral home. The branch presidents wife served a mission in japan so I still get to practice japanese!!! I love it here. Narrabri is a very small town my companion has only been here for 1 transfer and has knocked every single door here and in one week we visited all the members and less actives in Narrabri. Next month we will probably go camping in the other towns so that we can save our limited number of kilometres we can drive per month. We had a funny experience we knocked a door and a couple who was drunk and high opened the door and let us in. We talked for a bit and on the way out I asked if we could throw away their weed sitting on the table. After talking it over a bit they agreed so I wraped it in a lot of plastic bags and while my companion was distracting them I threw it away in their trash because I think it would be very bad to carry it around till we find a trash. It was also ANZAC day (Australian, New Zealand, Army Core)(Like 4th of july) lucky it was on a p-day so we got to go see all the cool things there but the librarys were closed so that is why im wrighting today. This is a great area and there is a lot of things that need to happen but not a lot to do so I need to do a lot of praying to find out what heavenly fathers plan is for the area. It is the best way to go. so my plan is 1. Find out what heavenly fathers plan is. 2.follow it. The gospel is simple!

The Area

Where we live

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