Sunday, August 14, 2016

Transfer to Winston Hills, Shocked By Lightning

January 24, 2016

Alot has happened this week. I got transferred and im in a place called Winston hills. We both have come to this area at the same time and might have a slow start because we have no phone, area book, keys, map . Lucky we live with the zone leaders so they are taking us around today. They said they will get us everything but until then we are kinda stuck. Good thing today is p-day so we arnt really wasting time. My new companion is Tongan with a really long name i cant pronounce. This is his last transfer so im really excited to smash the work here. Im kinda lost right now haha but once we get at least the phone so we can at least call and visit members. Untill then we will plan alot. I have been made the district leader in this area so ill have to do alot of planing anyway to help the work go forward here. Form what i hear this is a great area and its mostly member missionary work so no more door knocking sadly. But it will be great to learn how to find through the members. Im really excited to work here and hopefully i stay for a long time from what i have learned in last areas, there are some ideas i want to try that might work. Lucky my companion has been out a long time his experience will be a huge help. Last week though Elder Gamboa and i had 2 of the youth come out with us to go finding. We were able to find 3 new investigators and saw awesome miracles. The youth loved it and i think they are even more excited to be missionarys in the future. Also it was raining alot this week so after planning we went outside to enjoy the rain and lightning hit a few meters away. We were so close that the electricity travelled through the water on the ground and shocked us nothing major but it hurt so we ran back inside and will never do that again. But some great scriptures i have read this week are all form proverbs. Proverbs16:9 it really shows how we use our agency to do good or evil and if we chose good then Heavenly Father will direct our steps. Also Proverbs 16:1 it really applies to missionary work Heavenly father prepares the hearts of men and  gives us a tongue  with answers.(He gives us the answers and what to say) I know that this will be a great week. I have alot to figure out and learn but the work is fun and im happy.

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