Tuesday, August 2, 2016

All Fired Up

April 12, 2015

Things have been great we have all been fired up. This transfer will be the best one yet. Elder Arnold has been smashing at being zone leader he and Elder Droubay have been pumping up the zone and conference really helped. Things in the zone have went from good to better. The work is boosting forward! I am really excited because we have interviews with President on Wednesday. Also yesterday something interesting happened. While we were finding we say a lady who looked kida homeless sitting on the road and you could see she was in pain. We talked to her and found out her leg was really swollen up. We talked to her and found it was like that for weeks and she went to the hospital and they did not help i dont know why. She lived about a 15 min walk from where she was. There was not much we could do but she was very grateful that we stopped to talk and encourage her. during our zone meeting a few hours later i felt very prompted to go back so i told Elder White. He said ok so we left and went to look for her but never did. I really think that was a test of our faith. It was a strong prompting and we had to walk around for 30 min. I feel we have done our part and while we were praying to start planing i felt like she got the help she needed. I will never know for sure untill the spirit world but i just know. Something that i have learned in conference is that when antis come up to me i should not just answer their questions and try to confound them with my own i should be their friends. I will show them the similaritys  of our beliefs. In confrence i forget who said this but he said that joseph smith said he would fight for the rights of any other persons beleif as much as he would fight for ours.

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