Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Miracle Lessons

April 19, 2015

So something really funny happened yesterday we were walking home from zone council and a car drove by and they threw an egg at me but they missed haha. i thought that was really funny. Im loving my mission it is so much fun and we get to see amazing miracles. Elder white and i have this thing where we plan for "Miracle lessons" That is where we know we dont have a lesson set up but somehow we will have a lesson and every single time it has. We did that twice this week. One was we planed to have a member help us for an hour but we wanted to have him help in a lesson and not find so we called all our recent converts and investigators but we could not set one up so we planed for a miracle lesson. five min before we were going to meet the member we still did not have a lesson lined up. so we prayed. After the prayer i saw in my mind hyde park and a man sitting on a bench. so we met the member and went to the park and there was a man sitting on the bench who came to the chapel for a lesson. His name is felip from brazil. things are going great and im happy.

Recent converts Tim(from Hong Kong) and Nora(from mongolia)

Elder Brown

Rainbow man in the rain

Victoria Park

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